Finger Pointing

Many of us have been practitioners of the blame game, rarely taking responsibility for our actions or for their results. Somehow, it was always another person, place or thing which was at fault. I couldn’t get somewhere because my car broke down. The fact that I hadn’t put oil in it for 20,000 miles was beside the point. I lost my job because my boss didn’t like me. The fact that I was late 20 times this month fails to get mentioned. You get the point

In program, we heard that “when you point your finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you”. Whenever we point our finger at someone else, we need to acknowledge those three fingers pointing back at us. Those fingers remind us to do some self-examination. We need to carefully examine our actions and see what our contribution to the event was. How did our character defects play a role in creating a problem? You also need to remember that when you point fingers, your thumb is always pointing upwards. I like to think that this is a reminder that you can always call upon your Higher Power for direction.

Personal Refection: Do I need to acknowledge my part?

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