G-d Gave Me A Big Toolbox, Not Just A Hammer

Many of us have gone through life acting as if we had few or no options. When we made a mistake we claimed that we had always done it that way; and that we knew of no other way. To a large extent this was true. We had not grown up with particularly good role models. Some of us modeled the “my way or the highway approach”. Others modeled the “victim” or “people pleaser”. At the time we did not realize that our tool box often had only one tool and a broken one at that. In recovery, we have come to see that a problem often has more than one solution. We have also learned that certain responses are appropriate, and others are not. Through practice and with the guidance of others and our Higher Power, we have acquired new “tools” and learned which ones are best suited for each situation. Do we need to be firm or flexible? Does it require an immediate or delayed response? The best thing  we can do for ourselves is to open our toolbox and examine our options.

Personal Reflection: Have I looked in my toolbox lately?

One thought on “G-d Gave Me A Big Toolbox, Not Just A Hammer

  1. Nobody is born into the world’s and automatically knows how to use the tools so I Am trying to be open and receptive to learning New strategies to deal with life


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