I’m Here Because I’m Not All There

At meetings, some people introduce themselves and then say, “I’m here because I’m not all there”. A person not in program might think that the speaker is admitting to being crazy. Maybe that is partially true. All of us have done and probably will do some crazy things in our lives. Beyond that, there is a deeper meaning to this statement. The speaker is also declaring that they are not a complete person. They are admitting to the fact that personal growth needs to take place. “I’m not all there” because I still have character defects that need to be admitted to and worked on. When a person makes this type of admission, they are exhibiting a rare brand of honesty and clarity of mind. While we were active in our addictions, we truly were “not all there”. The lives we were living really were often quite insane. Yet, we were so caught up in our rationalizations that we could never admit to our erratic and often dangerous behavior. Now we begin to get honest.

Personal Reflection: In what ways were you not all there today?

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