If You Keep Cutting Corners You’ll End Up a Circle

Every day of life presents us with challenges. Some people have the attitude that I’ll just do enough to get by. On a certain level this may work for them. What often happens though is that as time goes by, they find themselves doing less and less. Finally, the day comes where they do so little that in effect nothing gets done. Other people are constantly looking to solve life’s problem’s by always looking for shortcuts. Once again, this may work initially. However, over time as they “cut corners” their actions and related results are dramatically altered. They find themselves doing things they never dreamed they would do. Suddenly they find themselves right back in the middle of their addictive behaviors. In addition, whatever emotional sobriety had been achieved is thrown out the window. All of their character defects return in full force. Once you turn into a “circle” it’s a lot more difficult to return to your more evolved self. All of your old negative behaviors work against renewed growth, including beating yourself up for turning into a circle.

Personal Reflection: Where have I been cutting corners in my life?

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