A Twelve Step Riddle

There is an old riddle from the Rooms.

Question: What do you tell someone who acts as their own sponsor?
Answer: You have an idiot for a sponsor.
Perhaps this riddle is a bit harsh, but it contains an important lesson. The entire point of sponsorship is to allow us to get a fresh perspective. A sponsor is the person who will call us on something when we are being dishonest. Many times we are not even aware that we are in denial or lying to ourselves. He or she is the person who shares their “experience strength and hope” with us so that we can hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls of life and of recovery in particular. When you call your sponsor you have the opportunity to review your day and assess your behavior. Perhaps most importantly, a sponsor is the person who will guide you thru the 12 steps. So, how can we possibly thank our sponsor for all they do in helping us?
That’s a good question to ask your sponsor.

Personal Reflection: Is there something I’ve been holding back from speaking with my sponsor about?

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