The Elevator’s Broken so Take the Steps

I recently overheard an interesting conversation between two AA members. A fellow was describing his first meeting. At that meeting, he saw the shade with the 12 steps hanging in the front of the room. When the meeting was over, he loudly exclaimed, “ok I got it, I read the twelve steps on the chart. I’m done. I’m good to go”. He really thought that all he had to do was read over the steps once, and be free of his addictive behaviors. Of course, he had a rude awakening when he went out shortly thereafter. We need to have a very different attitude. There are no quick fixes. The elevator is indeed broken. Recovery is not a speedy process. If we want to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual sobriety, we need to methodically go thru the twelve steps. We need to take them one at a time. Quite often, we need to return to various points on the steps and begin our ascent again. Sometimes, we even need to return to the first step and admit our powerlessness and unmanageability.

Personal Reflection: Which step are you working today?

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