When You Share a Problem You Cut it in Half

Many of us used to think that if we revealed our problems to others, there was something wrong with us. We had grown up thinking that sharing our feelings indicated that we were somehow weak. We were supposed to somehow solve all of our problems on our own. We had been told not to air our dirty laundry in public. The worst thing in the world was to admit that we were less than perfect. As a result, because we felt we could not share what was going on with us, we repressed a lot of our feelings. We often turned to drugs, or alcohol or unhealthy behaviors to relieve the stress of life. We also made unwise life decisions because we had failed to seek the council of others. Now, in the program we have learned that when we share a problem with others, we often receive good advice. Beyond that, after sharing we often feel that a weight has been lifted from us. The day becomes just a little bit easier.

Personal Reflection: What problem could I share with another person today?

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