Pain is Mandatory, Suffering is Optional

All of us have experienced the travails of life. Sometimes they are minor like being stuck in traffic or a spilled cup of coffee. Sometimes they are major like the loss of a job, a dissolved marriage or the loss of a loved one. Getting sober doesn’t mean that you won’t be encountering the viscitudes of daily living. It is impossible for a person to.escape life’s pains. That is why we say pain is mandatory. The question is how long are you going to hold onto that pain? How deeply are you going to let that pain affect you. That’s where suffering comes in. Are you holding on to your pain to the point where it has become suffering. Do you still need to carry it around? Perhaps you can share it with another member in program or even speak to your Higher Power about it. Reducing our level of suffering is in our hands.

Personal Reflection: What suffering am I ready to let go of today?

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