Seven Days Without a Meeting Makes One Weak


Upon entering the program many of us were told by our sponsor or a member of the group that we had to make 90 meetings in 90 days. It seemed like an almost impossible task. While we were active, we had struggled with making commitments. Now we were being asked to maintain a commitment for 90 days. Yet somehow, we were able to pull it off and honored our word. As we gained some time, life seemed to get more complicated. We began to find excuses for not making meetings. The excuses seemed like good ones. They included, kids, work and family time. Before we knew it, we might go an entire week without making a meeting. Then something strange began to happen. We found ourselves reverting back to some of our old behaviors. We might not be using our drug of choice, but we observed ourselves acting out like in the old days. We realized that true sobriety could only be achieved by regularly attending meetings; where we could talk about our feelings, and gain from the collective wisdom in the rooms. 

Personal reflection: Do I need to start making more meetings?


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