Dirty Laundry

A man and his wife moved into their new home. Upon awakening in the morning, they looked out their living room window. They were distressed to see the dirtiest load of wash they had ever seen hanging on their neighbor’s clothes line. “Perhaps there is something wrong with her washing machine”, the wife said. The next morning they looked out their window and once again there was a new load of dirty, grimy clothes hanging. “I can’t stand it. It just looks so horrible”, the wife exclaimed. She looked at her husband and said, “maybe you should go and speak with her about her disgusting wash”. The husband shook his head and told her “no” because he felt uncomfortable about approaching the neighbor about it. The next morning, when they looked out their windows they saw a spotless load of wash hanging on the line. “Did you speak to our neighbor about the laundry”, asked the wife? “No” replied the husband. “I cleaned the windows in our living room”.

Personal Reflection: Have you cleaned your windows today?

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